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Compassion ministry is a big part of the the Vineyard does. It is firmly in our DNA. On this Sunday at the Delphi Centre we are providing a focus to come afresh with a heart for the poor and see how we can all reach out to the most “harrassed and helpless” in church and our community.

We are delighted to welcome Darryl Faulkner who helps lead Storehouse at Southend Vineyard.* He brings with him an extraordinary story of God’s provision in a very challenging situation. One you will not want to miss!

If you are new or are not yet in the habit of bringing donations for Storehouse, this is also a wonderful occasion to bring a couple of items along with you. You will find a marked table near the Welcome Desk where you are free to leave them there.

If you are unsure what to bring, why not take a couple of minutes to click onto the Storehouse page for ideas?

* Darryl has kindly taken over as speaker from Andrew and Angela Large (Hoxton Vineyard) who have sadly had to pull out from being with us due to a family situation. They send their abject apologies. However, we will endeavour to find a space to have them with us at a later date.



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