sunday services



What you can expect

If you are new or ‘just looking’, we know your first visit can be more than a little daunting.

We want you to be yourself with us; you don’t have to act ‘religious’. Just come as you are.

When you arrive early you’ll be greeted by a smiling face and will be directed to where we serve fresh coffee, cold drinks and some pretty tasty snacks.

Mornings services: 10.30am, finishing at 12pm.

Our services begin with a time of worship led by the band. We’ll then have a short break to register kids into Planet Vineyard, our fun all ages children programme.

A practical talk from the Bible will follow, along with an opportunity afterwards to receive personal prayer for anything you may want. We are here to serve!


The Delphi Centre is located just outside Sudbury Town centre between Chilton and Gt. Cornard.

It is situated just off the A131, Newton Road, with access via Alexandra Road.

Satnav: CO10 2ZX


We look forward to welcoming you.