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We’re sorry to say that for logistical reasons it has just not been possible to run this Outward Focused Ministry event in town for Shrove Tuesday (17 February).

We appreciate the disappointment as we know how much you love getting out on the streets and blessing our community in God’s name.

But, the good news is that we are planning to do a public giveaway after our Mother’s Day service outside St Peter’s Church on Sunday 15 March.

Being a special day we thought it would be fun to give out daffodils and chocolates to female passers-by. Hopefully, you can be a part of that wonderful occasion of serving someone with a small act of kindness then.

connect-cardMeanwhile, don’t forget, you can still do your own personal acts of kindness for a stranger, such as buy them a coffee, a newspaper or some flowers.

Why not pick up a few ‘SVV compliment cards’ on Sunday morning from the Welcome Point for your purse or wallet, so when you give something you can also give them all our compliments?




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