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Sadly, we have made a reluctant decision to cancel this Saturday’s (21 July) proposed water giveaway. As the summer weather is not exactly overwhelmingly warm or sunny, and with a good chance of rain, we feel the idea of giving out a bottle of water will not quite have the same impact. Therefore, it makes sense to defer the giveaway to a later date.

The weathermen are suggesting that high pressure is coming and that we could well have an Indian Summer. If so, it would be better to do the giveaway in September instead. Really sorry for any disappointment. We never take any decision of cancellation lightly, so hope you understand. A huge “thank you” for all of you who had come back to me and agreed to help and had already put arrangements in place to come.

Also, just to clarify, we will no longer be meeting on Friday evening to stick labels to bottles. You can all have a pleasant and relaxing end of the week instead.

Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning at the Delphi.


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