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Whether you have faith, not faith or some faith, one thing is for sure, uncertainty is unavoidable. Being fearful is optional.

In this short series to lead us up to Easter Sunday, we remind ourselves that the faith of Jesus’ early followers was characterised by fearlessness, confidence in Jesus, and love for others. But, like blunt nails driven in by a hammer, they felt the pain of the blows by those who were offended by their words and lifestyle – much in the same way the teaching of Jesus still offends people today.

What would be said about your faith? Winston Churchill said, “Fear is a reaction, but courage is a decision.” How courageous are you feeling?

Join us for our Easter series to see how you can remain strong under pressure, based on the reassuring power of the cross and resurrection.

10.30am on Sundays at the Delphi Centre, Newton Road, Sudbury. Freshly brewed coffee, drinks and pastries served from 10am.