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Need some inspiration? A few book suggestions to take you through the 40-day period leading up to Easter, should you find them useful. (All linked to Amazon.)


Giving it Up (Highly recommended)

Daily Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day

Maggie Dawn


Journey to Jerusalem

Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday

David Winter


Less is More (Profoundly challenging) 

Spirituality for Busy Lives

Brian Draper


Love Life Live Lent: Transform your World  (Great for young families)

Compilation of ideas for each day of Lent for you and your family.


Listening (Contemplative read)

Anne Long

(A bit of a classic when I was a student and no less so for today’s even busier world)


And finally…


The Lion’s World – a Journey into the Heart of Narnia

Rowan Williams

(Not sure if this book is influenced by the ex-Archbishop of Canterbury’s subequent move to CS Lewis’ alma mater Magdalene College, but has had good reviews nevertheless.)



Andrew Stewart-Darling

Vineyard East Anglia Area Leader



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