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get involved « Stour Valley Vineyard

get involved



For people to feel like they really belong to a place they must feel part of it.

We hope that there might be something for everyone, whatever age. Serving others is a practical way we help connect, grow, serve, and lead. All ministries are designed to meet the needs of people in our church, our communities, and our world. God has given us grace to be a blessing to others, and we share that blessing with everyone who wants to be a part of it.


Small groups

Discipleship happens through friendship. Once we feel we are known and accepted for being who we feel we can relax.

Our small groups are midweek meeting points where we gather to connect with each other and Jesus, grow to be more obedient to Him, and serve the world with love. They are our primary way in which we learn to go deeper into God. We encourage everyone to get hooked up with a HOME group. Feel free to try different groups.


Serving in church

We often come first to church as ‘takers’, but when our lives are touched by the grace of God we naturally want to become ‘givers’.

We want opportunities to show our gratitude to a generous God, by learning to be generous to others.

By joining a Sunday support ministry team or midweek support ministry you’ll not only get to know people, but probably get to know yourself more. it’s a place where we learn to serve others before ourselves. What’s more, it is fun.

There are many teams to choose from: Venue, Worship, Sound, Media, Hospitality, Welcome, Children and young people’s ministry, Storehouse foodbank, CAP Money, Alpha, HOME groups, Outward Focused Ministry to name just some…


Serving outside church

We really love Sudbury (and the surrounding villages) and want to be as helpful as we can to our neighbours. Our hope is that if we disappeared, we might actually be missed.

We have found that one of the best ways to impact our community and work to make it whole is to simply serve people in really practical ways with no strings attached. So we try and share God’s love in a variety of ways such as handing out free bottles of water, distributing mince pies at Christmas and giving out Hot Cross Buns at Eastertime.

We might also buy a family behind us at the McDonald’s Drive thru a Happy Meal, put on a neighbourhood BBQ or join with other local organisations in their efforts.



We are all at different points along the road in learning how to give freely.

We believe that our time, energy, thoughts, relationships, work, and money are all God-given, and that we have been given the opportunity to manage—or steward—these resources.

The process of seeking God and following his direction in giving of what we have been given is at the heart of becoming a surrendered and spiritually transformed follower of Christ.

We encourage those just beginning this journey simply to pray about where to start and then grow.