finance review 2015

Finance Review Header

On Sunday 17th July, we presented our 2015 accounts summary to the church. As we don’t have a membership, and therefore no AGM, we like make room on a Sunday morning once a year so as to be open and transparent about the church finances. You can see the summary slides here.

You will notice that our expenditure increased more than our income in 2015. This is for several reasons: we had our first full year of meeting every Sunday, we increased our paid admin hours and we took on some further office space. All of these changes are due to the fact that the church is growing. Within our savings, we have money held in contingency, should we have an emergency situation where the income drops off dramatically and suddenly. We also have a building fund so that, when the time comes, we have some money to put down for a deposit on a permanent venue.

If you would like to see the detailed figures and read our Trustees Report on all the activities of the year, please visit the Charity Commission website and search our charity number (1131617)